Exercise Slows Aging by Reversing Changes in Immune System that Make You Look and Feel Old

by Mike Mutzel

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Regular exercise supports your aging process by keeping your immune system young, preventing immunosenescence and the process of inflammaging.



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Time Stamps:

0:41 Immunosenescence
1:14 Exercise and Immunosenescence
2:14 The senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP)
2:25 Thymic Involution and your T cells
2:51 Exercise reverse age related declines in immune function
3:00 How Exercise Impacts Immune Health
3:23 More Exercise is not alway better
4:00 inflammaging: what is it?
4:50 Thymic Involution deep dive
5:40 Exercise and T cells
6:15 Exercise and Vaccines
9:00 Sleep and Aging
13:00 Exercise and Immunity Details
14:30 DHEA, Metformin and Growth Hormone
15:45 Blood work you need
17:30 Immune System in athletes


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  1. Love your videos. Nobody talks about diet and exercise to combat covid and just for general health. You are the first. A strong immune system is the best offense. I was also very interested in your video about Bill Phillips. I noticed several ironman/bodybuilder athletes who recently died from covid. One young guy from England as well, John Eyers. Strong, fit, bodybuilder 43 years old. So I was wondering why these guys were dying or close to it. Your video on Bill Phillips solved the puzzle. Steroids or HRT were a major factor in their covid illness. Im a 62 yr old triathlete , 4 medals in 8 triathlons so far this summer so training everyday. Vegan as well. Keep up the good work.

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