Escape Mandates & Irrational Insanity: Gear for Getting Off-Grid

by Mike Mutzel


Spending time outdoors and in the mountains is one of the best ways to stay healthy and sane during these crazy times. Here's some tools I've found helpful going off-grid that may inspire you to spend more time in God's country.



Products Mentioned:

Clean Pre-Workout https://myoxcience.com/products/clean-pre-workout

Gaiters- Peaks

Carnivore crisps: https://carnivorecrisps.com

Keto Brick: https://www.ketobrick.com

Kalahari Biltong https://eatbiltong.com/

Steripen https://www.katadyngroup.com/us/en/brands/Steripen~b4908/overview

Tikka Head Lamp https://www.petzl.com/US/en/Sport/CLASSIC-headlamps/TIKKA

Benchmade Knife: https://www.benchmade.com

Wilderness wipes

Snow Peak Stove https://www.snowpeak.com/collections/stoves

Heather’s choice backpacking food

Seek Outside tent: https://seekoutside.com/tipi-tents/


Initial Ascent packs https://initialascent.com/

Time Stamps:

01:07 Hiking sticks can take 30% of the load during your descent. They keep your upper body engaged and help with stability.

01:30 Gaia GPS has a desktop version that syncs with your cell phone. You can record your routes and estimate distances.

02:30 Use a heavier boot in the fall and winter to keep your feet warm. Especially if you are new to hiking or older, quality footwear provides ankle support.

03:30 Gaiters enable you to go through a creek or snow without getting your feet wet. They also help prevent ticks from latching onto you.

04:10 Mike carries a pistol when back country hiking. This is for protection from animals and predatory people. If you don’t train with bear spray, you won’t be good at it.

06:45 Mike eats low carb, high protein, and good animal fat while out in the back country. A carnivore dietary approach provides sustained energy levels. Mike will bring dried fruit to cycle in carbs with heavy exertion. Mike also forages for wild berries.

10:35 Filtering Water: Steripen is a UV water purifier. The higher on the mountain you collect your water the better. Keep one at your home for emergencies.

12:35 Headlamps: Mike uses a Tikka head lamp.

13:00 Bring an extra set of shoelaces.

13:09 Paracord can be used to hang your food.

13:40 Bring a knife. Mike brings a Benchmade knife.

14:00 Wilderness wipes can be used in lieu of toilet paper.

14:15 Caffeine can be helpful on the side of a mountain. Mike brings Myoxcience Clean Pre-Workout. Caffeine helps to preserve muscle mass while exercising, preferentially causes the oxidation of fat for fuel, and blunts the pain response.

15:03 Wilderness communication can be done via the Garmin Inreach satellite communicators.

15:20 A Snow Peak Stove is lightweight and has a self-ignitor. Mike uses their titanium cookware set.

17:35 A floorless tent is much lighter and more compact.

19:23 Initial Ascent makes great packs.


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