Time Restricted Feeding (TRF)

Early Time-Restricted Feeding, Fat Burning and Energy Expenditure in Humans

by Mike Mutzel



Links to Studies Discussed Herein

Ravussin, E., Beyl, R. A., Poggiogalle, E., Hsia, D. S., & Peterson, C. M. (2019). Early Time‐Restricted Feeding Reduces Appetite and Increases Fat Oxidation But Does Not Affect Energy Expenditure in Humans. Obesity, 27(8), 1244–1254.


Jakubowicz, D., Barnea, M., Wainstein, J., & Froy, O. (2013). High Caloric intake at breakfast vs. dinner differentially influences weight loss of overweight and obese women. Obesity, 21(12), 2504–2512.


Keim, N. L., Van Loan, M. D., Horn, W. F., Barbieri, T. F., & Mayclin, P. L. (1997). Weight loss is greater with consumption of large morning meals and fat-free mass is preserved with large evening meals in women on a controlled weight reduction regimen. The Journal of Nutrition, 127(1), 75–82.

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Images and Overview of the Feeding and Fasting Protocol from the Study by Ravussin et al Above

4 days of early time-restricted feeding (eTRF)





















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