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Carnivore Diet Helped Her Depression and Anxiety, Amber O’Hearn Says

by Mike Mutzel


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03:50 In 2009, Amber discovered the carnivore diet in an obscure forum. She thought of it as strict low carb. She found it beneficial for her health in many ways.

08:12 Her biggest stumbling block was the assumption that health depended upon plants. Amber thought that the Paleo diet was successful because of the low carb component.

10:55 Amber had a long history of depression, which she did not associate with diet. She was diagnosed with treatment-resistant major depressive disorder and then later a form of bipolar disorder. Every drug had side effects and were not very effective.

13:08 When Amber started her all meat diet, she immediately began dropping weight. She began to feel good. After a time on the diet, her mood problem had vanished.  

15:30 A plant-free diet is not necessarily a low carb diet: dairy products, eggs and liver.

15:50 Plants are not there for your benefit. They have defenses like shells or thorns, as well as chemical pesticides. Even those versions bred to be less toxic, still contain toxins.

18:30 Hormesis: There can be a response in your body to the toxins in plants where you body can make itself stronger. It is unrealistic to get a therapeutic dose from the amount of food you eat naturally. They must be highly concentrated.

20:14 The NRF2 pathway is stimulated by being on a ketogenic diet. There seems to be no added benefit from getting it from a plant source.

20:55 With hormesis, the dose gets better and better and then it gets toxic. You don’t know what dose you need to get better.

21:25 At the beginning of a ketogenic diet, you increase oxidative stress. With adaptation, the cell begins creating its own antioxidants in the same way it would to a phytochemical. In rodent studies, after keto adaptation is complete, the balance is tipped in favor of antioxidation. It works through AMPK.

26:00 The reduction in baseline inflammation from the keto or carnivore diet lends itself to more volitional activity.

25:53 Inflammation is your body’s way of healing damage. The reduction of an inflammation response is not necessarily reducing the damage.  Eliminating the damage reduces the need for inflammation.

26:35 Does an inflammatory or anti-inflammatory food reduce the need for inflammation or does it fight your body and prevent a response?

28:20 Depression is often thought to be a disorder of thinking and/or a chemical imbalance. Why would you have too little serotonin or dopamine? Interventions that manipulate neurotransmitters do not address the cause and does not bring balance.

30:20 The carnivore diet has helped Amber be more emotionally resilient.

34:20 Amber never needed her meds again. Shortly after starting the carnivore diet, Amber became pregnant and had to go off her psych and thyroid meds. Though she did not stay completely carnivore or low carb during her pregnancy, she went back on a carnivore diet after the birth of her child. Because she was nursing, she did not resume her meds.

37:45 Responses from Amber’s followers who do the carnivore diet report mood improvement, and reductions in autoimmune symptoms, reduction in arthritis, asthma, skin conditions and GI issues.

38:20 GI issues can be exacerbated with fiber intake. GI conditions with an autoimmune component improve on a carnivore diet. The blood brain barrier may have the same issues as the gut lining and benefits also. Mood disorders may have an autoimmune component, possibly explaining why the carnivore diet improves them as well.

43:32 Perhaps the biome has evolved to deal with that diet. The data we have is on people who eat a high carb/plant diverse diet.

44:34 When you remove plants from your diet, shifts occur in your gut biome which look unhealthy if you were eating plants, but may be appropriate to the carnivore diet.

54:00 Amber’s elevator pitch to a vegan/vegetarian: You can’t be a help to the world, the animals of the world and to the environment unless you are functioning at the best level that you can. Your physiology requires meat and is averse to plants. Think about the ethics of taking care of you.

58:10 Amber’s elevator pitch to a politician: She would ask if they really knew where their dietary evidence was coming from. Had they considered the history and pre-history that humans have with meat and its impact upon our evolution?

58:55 Amber’s desert island animal product: Ribeye because it is a ruminant with lots of fat. High consumption of liver may cause overdoses of vitamins.

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