Blood Sugar and Obesity Worsens COVID-19, Scientists Say

by Mike Mutzel




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The Cold I Caught in Early December was Actually SARS-COV-2


Mike Mutzel Covid-19 Antibodies

On the scale of discomfort, Coronavirus was a six out of 10 during the 36 hour duration of symptoms; which were mainly body aches and some fatigue. Today is day 22 after, to my best guess, when I suspect I got exposed.

For 24 hours I felt more tired than usual, had some body aches, stuffy nose and couldn’t do my breath retention holds as long as normal—so I suspected influenza or just a common cold–but had no other upper respiratory symptoms or shortness of breath so didn’t even suspect SARS-CoV-2.

Although, it's worth noting that in mid November I infected my foot by stepping on a sea urchin so had to take antibiotics (Cefalexin) —which likely weakened my immune system and hence made me more vulnerable to getting infected with the Coronavirus. Interestingly, the day I got exposed 11/28, I had an intuition to stop the antibiotics. I did take probiotic yeast, Saccharomyces-boulardii, throughout the five day course of antibiotics.

It wasn't until day eight after my first symptoms showed up (fatigue, muscle aches) that my sense of smell went away. On the first day one of a hunting trip, I was the only one of five guys who couldn't smell the hogs (which is strange because we had pigs for two years and can normally smell them a mile away). If you're curious, none of the five men I roomed with over the four day hunt got sick. Perhaps mild cases don't have sufficient viral load and thus not as infectious as others; I don't have data to prove this–it's just a theory.

After coming home from the trip and calling friends we had dinner with on November 28th, who presented with upper respiratory tract symptoms, I suspected SARS-CoV-2 infection; so decided to get my antibodies tested. here’s page three—IgG to The Rona came back positive.

It’s probably karma for me being so critical of our society and politician’s response to this virus since January.

All I can say is—get and stay healthy. You’re likely going to catch it, and if you do the right things now it’ll give you better odds of having a mild case.

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