Metabolic Health

Big Food Activists Make Another NetFlix Health Documentary: Science Breakdown

by Mike Mutzel


The video discusses findings from the Stanford Twin Study, revealing lower LDL levels, decreased muscle protein synthesis and increased triglycerides in vegan diets, along with the implications of omnivorous meals on muscle health, the reliability of LDL testing, and the influence of industry funding on research outcomes, particularly in relation to plant-based meat alternatives.



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Research Cited:

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Vegan VS Omnivore Twin Study: Stanford Nutrition Expert Paid by Fake Meat Company

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Show Notes:

00:00 Stanford Twin Study: Low LDL

02:20 Decreased muscle protein synthesis in the Vegan Diet.

02:30 Triglycerides increased in the vegan group.

03:35 There is 47% higher muscle protein synthesis after an omnivorous meal.

05:00 Healthy muscle improves your chance of living independently in later years.

06:00 LDL testing measurement is an estimate.

06:45 Chris Gardener took money from Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat.

08:20 There was increased bone turnover in bone catabolism in vegan dieters.


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