Circadian rhythms

Best Time to Take Common Nutritional Supplements: NAC, Inositol, Vitamin D, Magnesium and More

by Mike Mutzel


With the circadian clock system in mind, here’s some general guidelines about nutrient timing for commonly used dietary supplements.



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Time Stamps:


00:06 Electrolyte sticks contains creatine, Redmond Real Salt, and taurine. Use this before, during, or after a workout, or after a sauna session, as many as twice per day.

00:50 Myo Relax and Calm, containing L-theanine, inositol, magnesium, GABA and taurine, is best taken in the evening or before a stressful situation.

01:01 Berberine HCl with alpha lipoic acid kickstarts a fast after your last meal of the day or early in the day on an empty stomach. Berberine taken before exercise may not be beneficial.

03:19 N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) is a precursor to glutathione tripeptide. Antioxidants are most active during sleep. It is best taken before bed.

03:59 Alpha Male Stack/Morning Wood is a bovine testicular extract, better taken with DHEA. Both are best taken in the evening when hormone production and synthesis take place.

05:51 DHEA dosing:  Men – 10 mg/decade of life, Women – 2.5 mg/decade of life

06:21 Vitamin D3/K2 Combo: Vitamin D may support sleep. Ideally, it is taken with a little fat or a meal.

07:42 Iodine is stored in the breast, ovaries, prostate and in the thyroid. It is important for the developing brain.

08:09 RDA (recommended daily allowance) is the bare minimum needed to avoid an overt deficiency.

08:30 Iodine dosing starts at 1 to 2 mg/day.

08:43 Whole Body Iodine has both potassium iodide and molecular iodine.



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