Being Cold May Enhance The Benefits of Fasting

by Mike Mutzel



Happy Saturday!

If you’ve been intermittent fasting to support weight loss or longevity, there’s a new study (in mice) that I feel is important to know about.

Scientists at Scripps Research Institute recently found that elevated room temperature reduced the beneficial metabolic effects of calorie restriction by up to 78 percent!

Here’s the science and associated video:

In brief, the scientists calorie restricted two sets of animals for several days; one stored in room temperature and another group in at 30°C degrees C (86°F).

The animals in temperature neutral conditions had significant reduction in the beneficial (metabolic) effects of calorie restriction.

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A few things we’ll explore further are:

-In the brain, temperature may play a bigger role than diet in regulating metabolic response to fasting

-Temperature controlled environments are linked with inflammatory and metabolic disorders

-Tips to build your own cold plunge at home


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