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#16: Anthony Capasso, MD Fat Loss- top lessons learned from helping thousands of patients loose the weight

by Mike Mutzel





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About Dr. Anthony Capasso

Dr. Capasso attended the Ohio State University and graduated Cum Laude in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. In 1993 he received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Capasso completed his Medical Residency in Internal Medicine at University of Florida, Jacksonville campus. He was board certified by ABIM in internal medicine in 1998. Since graduating, he has worked with the University of Florida in Jacksonville as an Associate Medical Professor.

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Digestion Sessions

Dr. Capasso entered private practice in 1998, and has offices in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. In 2009, he was Voted #1 Physician in Jacksonville Beach by Folio Magazine. Dr. Anthony Capasso is Thin Centers MD’s Chief Medical Officer, and he is the medical visionary behind Thin Centers MD’s weight-loss programs, products and protocols. By utilizing the latest medical research in nutrition and diet, hormones combined with the latest non-invasive laser therapy, Dr. Capasso has helped his patients lower their weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and risk for Diabetes. With over 17 years of medical experience, Dr. Capasso has changed the lives of hundreds of his patients by providing them the best medically, supervised weight loss care available. – See more at:

Show Notes

01:55 Dr. Capasso’s Journey: He has always liked to know how things work and how to make himself better. What he learned in medical school did not equate to helping people. He did everything he was taught to do, but, especially his diabetic patients, were not getting better. It drove him to outside the box alternatives. Studies he researched showed that lower glycemic load diets were helpful in the treatment of diabetes. Nutrition was barely taught in medical school.

05:05 Complexities of Weight Gain and Weight Loss: In college he studied the biochemistry of the body and took this approach to his overweight patients. Eat less and exercise more is not the answer, because that was not the cause. There are many factors in why people are overweight. It is a chronic inflammatory disease. Hormones play a huge role. Certain foods trigger certain hormones to be released. Lifestyle changes play a huge role. Sleep affects your ability to lose weight. Mental focus and behaviors play a big role. He developed a program to deal with all of these.

07:57Chicken/Egg Hormone/Weight Gain: About 80% of being overweight in the US is from food choices: quality of food, high fructose corn syrup, pesticides, herbicides and our stress. We are over stimulated. Gut dysfunction can lead to chronic illness, problems maintaining weight, and autoimmunity.

09:38 Creating a Plan: Dr. Capasso listens intently to his patients to determine who they are and their medical history. Understanding the patient’s goal is critical. He tests for inflammatory markers, hormones, advanced lipid testing, genetic markers, liver and kidney profiles, and omega 3 indexes.

11:18 Gut Health: 20 to 30% of Dr. Caposso’s patients have gut problems. Dr. Capasso was inappropriately trained for treating IBS. One of his patients went to a naturopathic doctor and was placed on vitamins and the symptoms improved dramatically. Through his resulting research, he found that the gut plays a big role in how people feel. He had his own gut issues. He attributes his own problems to the number of antibiotics that he took as a child for upper respiratory infections. He found that he had a significant number of nutritional deficiencies, as well as mitochondrial dysfunction. If he could help himself, he could help his patients. After 3 weeks on a functional gut detox, he felt better than he had in years.

15:47 More than Weight Loss: Dr. Capasso’s focus is not weight loss. It is about getting healthy. Weight loss indicates that you are on the right path. How are you sleeping? How is your energy level?

17:07 Symptoms of Poor Gut Health: Bloating, diarrhea, constipation, alternating diarrhea and constipation, foggy thinking, chronic fatigue, muscle aches, rashes, ringing of the ears or anything that causes your body not to feel good can potentially be related to gut health.

18:10 Restoring GI Function: Dr. Capasso has his patients avoid high inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, high fatty meats, fermented or yeast containing foods, alcohol, significant amounts of caffeine and specific foods that bother them. Sometimes he can do food allergy testing. Avoidance was key. He uses pancreatic enzymes, betaine HCL, and to lower inflammation, he influences phase 1 and phase 2 liver function. He utilizes functional shakes on a titrating schedule. He also has his patients take ProbioMax to get the right bacterial blend going. Saccharomyces boulardii is used when candida or other fungal issues are suspected.  He adds glutamine for healing. Diamine oxidase is exceptional for healing, especially for histamine reactions.

22:21 Inflammation: When your body is full of inflammation, you won’t burn fat. Your liver is Grand Central Station. 90% of what comes through the gut, typically goes to the liver. The liver determines whether to store fat in fat cells, store sugar in muscle, and pull those out when needed. If the liver is inflamed, it is not functioning effectively. Fatty liver is a direct link to diabetes.

25:14 PPI/Proton Pump Inhibitors: These are medicines that suppress acid in the stomach. It contributes to gut dysbiosis and nutrient deficiencies, especially B12 and calcium. To get off of the PPIs, Dr. Capasso gets his patients excited about instead taking a pharmaceutical grade probiotic and tries to wean patients of the PPIs.

27:23 Saccharomyces Boulardii: Endotoxin bacterial particulates create inflammation. Bifidobacterium and also saccharomyces boulardii block endotoxin absorption. Dr. Capasso uses it in conjunction with ProbioMax probiotic. It is especially effective with patients with Chrones and ulcerative colitis.

29:25 Mindset: It has to do with a person’s personal commitment to long term change. How do you take on the identity of being a healthy person? How you see yourself is the most important component in establishing long term health. Take a look at yourself. Understand your goals. Write that out. Strive every day to get to that point. Morning rituals can help get you focused on what is important to you. It is fulfilling and energizing. Where your mind is, your body goes.

34:59 Dr. Capasso’s Favorite Nutrient: Supplements changed his life. His reduction in energy after medical school inspired him to research mitochondrial dysfunction. He took supplements that increased mitochondrial biogenesis. His energy and endurance improved dramatically. He formulated MITOBLAST 2 and takes it every day, along with many other things. He tells all of his patients to take vitamin D (5,000 IUs each day), pharmaceutical grade Omega 3 fish oil (2,700 or more mg/day) and ProbioMax.

38:41 Dr. Capasso’s Elevator Pitch: Regular exercise helps improve brain function, stress management, lower inflammation, relieves pain from arthritis, and lowers risk for cancers, metabolic disorder, diabetes and all types of illnesses. Eat a nutrient dense diet. Eat healthy fats and lean proteins from good sources. Ensure that your glycemic load is low and blood sugar is stable.



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  1. I was confused by Dr. Capasso's recommendation that we avoid fermented foods when so many other recommendations are made to eat yogurt, kefir, kimchee, and other foods because the good bacteria they contain are beneficial to gut health. Can you clarify this for me?

  2. Great question. The issue with fermented foods are rich in histamine, which can trigger intestinal permeability and make GI issues worse; so in a sense, fermented foods are a caveat when it comes to gut health. Indeed, they are great sources of healthy bacteria but sometimes can cause issues. So in some individuals the histamine from such foods may add fuel to the fire. If you get headaches with wine (a classic sign of histamine intolerance) you may seek reduce consumption of histamine containing foods or take Diamine oxidase (DAO) to help. You can learn more bout histamine, leaky gut and DAO here

    Does that help?



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