Blood Work

9 Blood Tests Most Doctors Ignore That Give Insights Into Your Cardiovascular Disease Risk

by Mike Mutzel


Heart disease is the top leading cause of death worldwide. Order these simple lab tests at your next physical to gain better insights about your heart health trajectory.



  1. Most MDs I’ve met are way too arrogant and full of hubris to take direction from a patient. I’m sure if I showed up with the test in hand they’d sit behind their desk and look at me as if I was an idiot, even though they’re the dumb one in the room. Years ago I had a problem with a sore throat and breathing difficulty. I went to the ER three times (oxygen, shots of adrenaline) saw maybe five Doctors who didn’t have a clue after spending ten minutes with me and taking a throat swab. (Never did a white blood cell count.). I even went to a allergy ‘specialist’ and he did twenty pinpricks on my arm that showed no reaction. He then asked me about my marriage. WHAT!? I guess if He couldn’t solve it–I was a mental case looking for attention.
    A Jewish neighbor directed me to a little old Doctor in town that had the smallest old fashioned office I had ever seen. I was ready to run out the door–then I remembered all the useless Doctors had ultra modern palaces! The little old Doctor snorted at the pinprick test and said they were useless. He had a white blood cell count done, and it was extremely high. He gave me four big shots on my upper arm and took notes on what allergens he gave me, and the placing on my arm. A day later, one shot swelled up so badly it looked like my arm was broken.
    BLACK MOLD! he said.
    My husband and I were refurbishing an old farmhouse with a stone foundation. The laundry was in the cellar and I was down there two or three times a day. The rocks were covered in black mold! (Had no idea what it was.)
    You can see why I would never trot into a regular MD’s office (Medical Deficiency) with a test in hand. Maybe I should try a nutritionist?
    Thanks, Ann

  2. Hello! I too am a health care professional. Question: My APOb/APOA-1 IS AS FOLLOW: APO1-A is 152, and APOb is 135…How is this interpreted? I am 80% carnivore, no grains/starches or fruit, except avacado. Bodybuilder, 60 years old, 30 inch waist, 5’8″ 11% body fat. BTW: Total Cholesterol 202,HDL 53, Triglycerides 58, LDL 138. A1C 5.1. 180 Lbs

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