1. He said we/apes gain weight during fruit season because there’s no fiber from leaves for our microbiome to feed on so it digest our GI mucous membrane and produces LPs which stimulate the weight gain.

    But fruits have fiber for our microbiome to feed on. Whats up with that?

  2. Dr Gundry is a good story-teller but these educational podcasts should be based on evidence. This IMHO is a poor interview with no degree of challenging the guest on his assertions. Is there any evidence about his stories on lectins and CVD, glucose molecules (Neu5Gc) we ingest from beef, lamb and pork and which are used by tumours to “hide from our immune system”? This last point is contradictory anyway as he earlier said that our immune system mounts an attack on Neu5Gc when it enters our bloodstream – so why would it be used by tumours? The whole story is lame. Just like his lies about the way tomatoes are peeled and seeded before being consumed in the Mediterranean countries! All about selling his books and products! Snake oil sales revisited!

  3. I’m relatively new to your podcast which I think are excellent including this one with Dr. Gundry. I enjoyed it immensely..and could not stop listening. I recognize that Dr. Gundry was not quizzed to back up all of the statements as someone posted.

    But I thought Mike did a great job of engaging him to share what he knows. I’d love to see a bibliography myself and I’m sure there are other points of view.

    I even tried to look I even tried to look up information on cucumber seeds and whether they were bad for you. It’s not easy to find on the Internet. Which makes me appreciate the conversation even more because I don’t think he makes this up it’s just someone obscure information that’s not easily identified in the sea of information of the Internet. Thanks so much for doing these interviews which are a breath of fresh air and very cutting-edge

    • Mike I came across a little harsh – I do appreciate the work Mike is doing getting these speakers and interviewing them. And I also appreciate these guys are always there to sell something (book, service or product) but at times it feels like doctors like Gundry manipulate science to create a problem (lectins are bad for you) and then provide the “solution” (his tablets which allow you to alleviate the effects of lectins). I am very sceptical. I read up on the Neu5Gc glycan issue – it’s just a theory/suspicion that it may be involved in oncogenesis – not a done deal as Gundry presented it. Watch out for people’s biases! Interviewers should push their guests to provide scientific evidence for their claims. See how Peter Attia interviews (interogates) his guests.

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