Who Shouldn’t Fast & Avoiding Keto Mistakes w/ Stephanie Person

by Mike Mutzel


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Ketogenic Coach & Personal Trainer

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Key Time Stamps from Stephanie Person

03:03 Steph has been doing keto since 2009. Her mother was going to die from glial blastoma cancer…but, with interventions like keto, she is still alive.

04:48 Steph is keto/carnivore. She is aware of the anti-nutrients in plant foods.

05:04 Steph had her clients use glucometers, track sleep and track digestive issues, starting long before it is popular.  When clients ate foods that made them feel unwell, it presented on the glucometer with a spike in glucose and a plummet of ketones.

05:59 Animal fats work better for her clients than plant fats.

06:47 She is the 200 grams of fat person. At 80 grams of meat fat, her clients were still having energy crisis. Increasing animal fats tended to increase ketones and her clients began to feel better.

08:06 Steph encourages her clients to avoid “fat bombs”. Instead they should add fat to bone broth, meat broth or fatty tea.

08:58 If you have an energy crisis, you should not be drinking coffee to get through your day. Steph has gotten thousands of people off coffee and they all have done better. She had noticed that there were a lot of issues with coffee: histamine, fungal overgrowth, hypoglycemia and thyroid. We often use coffee to cover up an energy crisis.

15:08 Steph used to be a pro vert skateboarder and had an accident with a disabling knee injury.  She had 10 surgeries and was on crutches for 4 years. She didn’t skate for 18 years. She skates now, but adaptively due to her injuries.

20:01 Steph’s strategy is gym workouts, dietary measures, minimize stress, improve sleep quality and keto. Steph appreciates every physical gain.

21:10 Women need to get out of their head that they will get big bulky muscles. Only doing deadlifts works one muscle group and pulls everything out of alignment

21:59 You don’t need the gym. You can use body weight and calisthenics or things like it.

22:50 Work out with the posture of a ballerina to maximize gain.

23:38 Food entrains your circadian rhythm.

25:26 Fasting and keto often plays into the obsession to be thin. Fasting is beneficial as long as you are not burning the candle at both ends. Be very careful.

28:51 It is important to address the issue that is prompting people to need to fast.

34:16 Steph coaches and has a course to teach people to do low carb/high fat the right way. She wants people to be healthy as they get older and live their lives to the fullest.

35:57 Steph’s desert island nutrient is liver. Everything you need to survive is in it. She eats it every day. Consuming kidney helps with histamine issues and leaky gut.

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