Vegan VS Omnivore Twin Study: Stanford Nutrition Expert Paid by Fake Meat Company

by Mike Mutzel


Scientists at Stanford claim going vegan is better for your cardiovascular health, let's dive into the details.




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Studies Mentioned:


00:00 An 8-week clinical trial with twins compared vegan diets with omnivorous diets.

02:15 LDL cholesterol levels improved in the vegans.

03:10 LDL is not a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

04:40 Triglyceride and HDL levels shifted in the wrong direction in the vegans.

04:50 Waist circumference was tracked, but not reported in study results.

07:28 Prepared meals were given for the first 4 weeks, then they had to prepare their own.

09:20 HDL decreased in the vegan dieters.

09:45 Triglycerides increased with the vegan dieters, not omnivores.

12:45 Study protein, carb, and fat levels were similar between the diets, but calories differed.

14:25 Meat intake was mostly chicken.

15:05 Meat alternatives are ultra processed.

15:30 Only 1 participant chose to remain on the vegan diet after the study.


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