Testing EMFs and Electrosmog from WiFi, Cell Towers and Electronics

by Mike Mutzel





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If it’s invisible, it must be safe—right? Surely your WiFi providers have thoroughly tested your home’s routers for safety—right? Cell phone companies—they too have done extensive testing on that big ugly ass cell tower cloaking your neighborhood/workplace with EMFs—right? _____________________ Sadly, like many ‘innovations’ that precede the advent of cell phone towers and WiFi, there’s been little if any safety testing in humans. Even low-level exposure to EMFs from say your phone or wifi can stimulate calcium channels on cell membranes leading to a cascade of cell dysfunction and free radical stress. Nick @nickpineault shares top ways to test and see if you're being exposed to EMFs and how they may affect your health! (Full interview with links on my High Intensity Health channel.) #emf #electrosmog #functionalmedicine #beyondketo #ketoish #wholefood #realfood #ketodiet #ketogenic #muscle #postworkout #postworkoutmeal #bodybuilding #fatloss #mitochondria

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The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs: How to Fix Our Stupid Use of Technology

ENV RD-10 | EMF Meter Electromagnetic Field Radiation Mini Handheld Detector | RF – LFM – LFE | Android & PC Connection

Acousticom 2 Pocket-Sized EMF Meter with BONUS Battery and Case by EMFields | Find EMR Hot Spots |Easy One-Button Operation|Widest Spectrum 0.2-8.0GHz|Measure Peak/Average RF Exposure|Built-in Speaker

Links to Studies That I've Found Helpful

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