Prevent Hair Loss and Premature Grey Hair, Naturally: Hormones, Nutrients & Therapies

by Mike Mutzel


Learn new strategies and tactics to slow the greying of hair and prevent hair loss.




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01:00 We may slow hair graying and hair loss by decreasing chronic inflammation.

02:00 By age 50, 50% of us will have 50% of our hair gray.

02:00 Over 1 year you lose .25% of your hair follicles.

03:00 post-menopausal women have a dramatic increase in follicle loss.

03:30 Oxidative stress can influence gray hair.

04:20 UV stress can affect the hair bulb.

04:40 There is a correlation between graying of hair, facial wrinkling, and crown top baldness and myocardial infarction in men.

08:00 With age, hairs are reduced in diameter and experience follicle miniaturization.

08:55 Chronic inflammation increases damage to DNA proteins and lipids within the hair follicle environment.

10:05 Collagen may be effective in preventing premature wrinkling of the skin and hair loss.

10:55 Bone mineral density correlates with hair loss and hair graying.

11:20 Slowing senescence and purging senescent cells happen with fasting and exercise.

12:25 Minimize exposure to pollution. Avoid excessive sun exposure. Avoid nutrition deficiencies.

13:30 Insulin resistance and PCOS can exacerbate hair loss.

14:00 Sometimes graying from environmental factors may be reversed.

14:30 52% of post-menopausal women experience hair loss.

14:40 Micronized progesterone can help women preserve the integrity of skin and hair follicle.

15:20 Lack of estrogen accelerates changes in hair follicle and skin aging.

17:45 Some shampoos can accelerate graying and hair loss.

18:35 Men with high levels of DHT, consider a ketoconazole shampoo.


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