Old School Exercise Tips That Helps Build Muscle

by Mike Mutzel


About Christy Glidden

Dr. Glidden is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic in New York City with extensive training in rehabilitation and athletic performance. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology from the Pennsylvania State University, where she spent a great deal of time studying the optimization of strength, speed, and performance with Penn State’s elite Men’s and Women’s basketball programs. She spent additional time with the University of Florida’s Football and Basketball programs working with the athletes to optimize athletic performance.

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Key Time Stamps from Christy Glidden

02:29 Start from health, otherwise you are playing catchup.

03:36 Dr. Glidden makes sure her blood work is optimal, including liver enzymes and thyroid markers.

05:03 A more functional medicine holistic view is catching on within the body building community.

05:28 Christy ensures that her clients understand food, training and how the body moves.

07:15 Bracing the core properly prevents the breakdown of extremities when lifting heavy weights.

08:33 Movement at the spinal column translates to movement at the hips and ribcage.

10:01 Chiropractic adjustment is a small piece of the puzzle. Muscles move the bones.

11:48 Dr. Glidden does not prescribe stretching to her patients as a way to work out tension.

12:35 Foam roll and movement is a better way to get blood flow into the tight tissue so it can heal.

14:38 See how the joint lays and how the joint moves and balance the function between the sides.

15:48 Single leg training should be in everyone’s regimen.

17:57 Bracing of the spine comes from the tight tension within the abdominal thoracic cavity.

20:38 Breath work alters the sympathetic and parasympathetic to relieve tightness. This allows the joint to move.

21:58 The exhale is enabled by the activation transverse abdominis. Unless it is activated, you don’t get a full inhale and exhale.

24:13 Pelvic floor work begins with the diaphragm.

30:27 There are many ways to build your glutes. It should be done with the proper biomechanics.

32:19 Set your intention and awareness during training. Feel the right muscle elongating and shortening.

34:39 Slowly add calories to put on muscle but not fat.

40:14 Leaning out for competition can be followed by a large rebound of weight gain.

42:52 Let yourself have what you crave in moderation. Flexibility is important.

45:07 As a young athlete, Dr. Glidden wishes that she had known to strength train.

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