Nutrition Strategies to Prevent the Epidemics of Obesity, Diabetes and Violence w/ Shawn Stevenson

by Mike Mutzel




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06:25 Shawn broke his hip while running when he was 15 years old. At age 20, he was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and degenerative bone disease. For 2 years the severe pain was constant, despite wearing a back brace and taking medications.

11:30 Placebo’s are about 33% effective in clinical trials. Some are upwards of 80% effective.

12:34 The human mind is a pharmacy that makes chemicals just for you. Every thought, conscious and unconscious, has correlating chemistry.

14:50 Neuroinflammation is one of the biggest health issues going on today. Neuroinflammation can skew the brain’s assessment of your body and can tell your gut to reduce absorption.

16:19 The nocebo effect is when negative expectations drive negative outcomes. Get a second or third opinion on life-altering treatments or conditions. Get an opinion from someone with the same goal as you.

19:20 Shawn reversed his condition by taking ownership of his health and nutrition. Helping others do the same became his passion.

22:36 We all have a unique metabolic fingerprint. It is constantly in flux. We need different things at different times.

23:30 People already know the cause and cure for their issue. Clinicians need to ask questions and listen to the answers. Encourage self-assessment. Allow the revelation to come forth.

28:00 Government intervention and government subsidies feeds chronic illness. People who had the highest consumption of government subsidized foods had a 40% greater incidence of being obese.

32:00 There is a level of personal responsibility, but in order to exercise it, you need to know that it exists. We can change policy. Policymakers will do what will get them elected.

35:50 Once you change what you eat, you change how you think.

37:03 Psychosomatic condition is a physical illness caused or exaggerated by a mental/psychological distress.

37:50 Fear associated with COVID 19 appears to increase severe reactions to COVID 19 infections. The fear has led to a global increase in psychological distress, associated with activated immune inflammatory pathways. Your thoughts affect our immune system and hormones.

40:20 The media drives fear by manipulation. It is how they keep your attention. This has led to worse health outcomes.

41:30 80% of people hospitalized with COVID are obese or overweight, according to the CDC. 90% of healthcare workers hospitalized with COVID had at least 1 pre-existing chronic disease. 75% were obese.

44:57 There are 130 million Americans who are pre-diabetic or diabetic today. 242 million Americans are overweight or obese. 43% of our population is clinically obese.

45:34 Your body releases stress hormones to deal with elevated blood sugar. You can be more irritable and even aggressive. When blood sugar was abnormally low, people became more aggressive toward their partner, lacked empathy and they were less likely to resolve relationship conflict.

46:47 Nutrition affects violence. Studies of prison inmates provided nutritional supplements to inmates. After 4 ½ months, there was a 30% reduction in behavioral offenses. There was a 37% reduction in violent offenses.

50:23 Your brain can starve quickly. Your brain is only 2% of your mass, but it consumes 25% of your caloric intake. It gets first dibs on any nutrients that come in. Your brain only allows certain nutrients to pass the blood brain barrier. It is neuronutrition.

50:55 Just one night of sleep deprivation can lead to your prefrontal cortex going cold, reducing activity, and your amygdala becoming highly active. It is called amygdala hijack. You are more reactive.

51:48 People with the highest rate of brain shrinkage, have the lowest intake of DHA and EPA. This is depletion is associated with all manner of psychological distress and metabolism distress.

52:26 The bigger your waist size, the smaller your brain gets.  The majority of our citizens are not well and their brains are not working as well as they could.

01:01:02 Each bite of food affects genetic expression. What do our genes need from our food?

01:02:05 Just the thought of food, your perception, elicits biochemical changes and changes what your genes are doing.

01:04:45 Study participants wearing cloth masks had 13 times higher rates of infection than participants wearing surgical masks. Surgical masks did not decrease rate of infection over control groups.

01:08:37 Cloth mask increased risk of infection may be from moisture retention and poor filtration in cloth masks by creating a wet microclimate under your mask, making it more permeable to virus penetration.

01:11:25 Viruses are everywhere. They are all over you all the time. There are over 100 million times more viruses on earth than stars in our known galaxy. Top virologists know little about viruses.

01:13:56 Data that says masks are effective are observational studies, which make assumptions based on what is observed in the environment.

01:16:50 Over 70% of participants who had contracted COVID19 strictly adhered to the mask mandates. 4% of cases never wore a mask. 75% of participants who were sick with something other than COVID strictly adhered to the mask mandates. Only 3% in this other illness group never wore their masks. This is from a CDC randomized control trial.

01:20:45 People who wear their masks get sick more often.

01:24:35 Wearing the N95 mask reduced normal volume of air displacement by 23% within 15 minutes of low intensity activity. The inhalation/exhalation from lungs was reduced by almost 26%. Overall oxygen consumption was reduced by 14%. This can affect your cardiovascular system and your brain.

01:26:45 Wearing a mask can lead to increased anxiety, elevated stress hormones, false suffocation alarm and panic attacks, by inhibiting breathing pathways.

01:27:09 N95 use can cause headaches, increase pressure inside the skull, reduce cognition, cause widespread activation of the sympathetic nervous system, increase anxiety, dysfunction of the cardiovascular system.

01:27:35 N95 masks can be effective against some types of microbes on par with surgical masks if worn continuously.

01:32:54 Your immune cells are made from food. Nutrition is your major tangible action for your immune system.

01:35:10 One night of sleep deprivation directly affects the production and performance of your immune system’s natural killer cells. Natural killer cells are very effective at taking out SARS COVI2 infected cells. 115 million Americans are regularly sleep deprived.

01:37:14 Sleep is a master regulator of your endocrine system, your nervous system, and your immune system. Sleep is where everything gets retooled.


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