Natural Immunity is Durable: Science Summary and Labs 11 Months Post-Infection

by Mike Mutzel


Let's have an objective look at the latest science investigating the durability of immunity from prior infection.




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Time Stamps:

00:30 The CDC internal report on natural immunity does not corroborate with the body of evidence that has been published here in the US and throughout the world.

01:05 Rates of reinfection for those previously infected are less than 1%.

03:29 can test your T cell immunity.

03:40 When you are exposed to a pathogen, your innate immune system is activated. Over time, your T cells will recognize the intruder and create a memory. The memories are translated from your T cells to your B cells. B cells then make antibodies.

04:15 Antibodies naturally decay over time. Upon re-exposure to the pathogen, plasma cells can be upregulated on demand. This probably lasts for a lifetime. 90+ years after being exposed to the 1918 Spanish flu, elderly individuals still had antibodies.

06:45 The nucleocapsid is not part of the vaccination. If that is increased, there is a good chance that you have had exposure to the virus.

07:50 Natural immunity in those previously infected is at least as protective as vaccination.

08:30 If you had the illness and two rounds of the vaccine, you are more likely to experience COVID-like illness again.

09:05 Individuals who had documented prior infection, made up 1% of new cases. Individuals who had been fully immunized represented 40% of new cases.

09:40 Although antibodies declined over 8 months, memory B cells increased and the half life of memory CD8 and CD4 T cells suggested a steady presence.

10:10 The number of people who need to receive a substance to prevent one adverse outcome, in those with previous immunity, was 218. This compares to 6.5 in those with no immunity.

11:00 There was no difference in incidence of infection between individuals infected but unvaccinated to those infected but had been vaccinated, found a large study.



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Video Time Stamps:

00:30 The CDC internal report on natural immunity does not corroborate with the body of evidence that has been published here in the US and throughout the world.

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