#84: Kevin Conners, DC- Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating The Cause

by Mike Mutzel






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About Dr. Kevin Conners

Dr. Conners helps us understand what cancer is, why individuals get cancer and shares his top tips to get rid of cancer once it starts. We discuss testing modalities and personalized nutrition protocols that can be used to help treat the cause of cancer, naturally.

Learn More About Dr. Conners

Dr. Kevin Conners is the founder of the Conner's Clinic; a practice that specializes in Integrative Cancer Therapy, Functional Medicine, Autoimmune Disease, Chronic Lyme Disease and Detox. His patients range from Cancer to Autoimmune Lyme & Thyroid to ADHD to Depression (most have been everywhere with little help). We are typically the last resort for many patients.

His clinic is located in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota.


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Favorite Nutrient

Medicinal mushrooms and beta-glucans; they help prime the immune system to recognize aberrant cells.

#1 Health Tip

Encourage the president to be open to alternative care.

Show Notes

1:53 Dr. Conners’ Patients: Dr. Conners sees cancer patients who are often at stage four and have been given a timeline. He says that typically his autoimmune patients have been to multiple other practices and either read his books or heard him lecture. He estimates that 70% of his patients come from out of the state or out of the country.

4:14 Dr. Conner’s Cancer Treatment Strategy: The four main points they want to cover are similar to any disease. First, they want to discover the cause and eliminate it. Most causes for cancer are found postmortem. The most common cause of stomach cancer is helicobacter pylori (H-pylori), but it was only investigated in autopsy. It still seldom occurs to oncologists to find the cause of the cancer, according to Dr. Conners. Protocols do not call for finding and addressing the cause. These protocols are typically written, he says, by someone in the pharmaceutical industry.

6:16 Step 1 -Find the Cause of Cancer: You want to find what initially disrupted apoptosis, typical cell death. Something inside the cell is causes apoptosis to not occur and expedites replication. That is caused this cancer? It could be a virus, bacteria, a toxin, or a number of different things. Finding the cause and treating the cause does not help treat the cancer.

7:19 Step 2 -Stop the Growth of Cancer: The original cells that have altered apoptosis, so the cell does not die, and increased the rate of replication rapidly create cells with altered apoptosis and rapid replication. Finding the cause and extinguishing the cause helps slow metastases, where the cancer jumps to another organ. Dr. Conners’ clinic does not use typical treatments, instead, they use nutraceuticals. They do extensive testing to determine which nutraceuticals would be most effective for that one patient. There are many good nutraceutical cancer killers out there, but none work well for everyone.

9:31 Step 3 – Frequency Healing: All of Dr. Conner’s cancer patients receive Rife light frequency treatments. It involves aiming specific sound frequencies (piggy-backed onto a particular carrier wave for deep penetration) at cancer patients to kill their cancer. Testing determines which frequencies are best for each individual patient. Rife frequency treatments help their liver, help their gut health, detox pathways, and kill cancer.

10:05 Step 4 –Support Protocols: This support includes specific dietary protocols, juicing, detoxing methods like coffee enemas, saunas, and perhaps an ion cleanse. He looks at the patient as a whole person.

11:16 Where/How Do you Find the Cause of Cancer? Dr. Conners’ patients have been diagnosed with cancer. You cannot legally diagnose cancer without a biopsy. In his clinic, they use functional medicine testing and a specialized form of kinesiology to find the cause. You want to test for toxicity from, for example, pesticides and endocrine disrupting chemicals, which disrupt apoptosis receptors. You also test for simple things like vitamin d levels. Clinically low vitamin d levels can set you up for possible cancer. Vitamin d is an apoptosis receptor stimulator and is beneficial for fighting cancer.

13:40 You are What you Absorb: Dr. Conners always looks at a patient’s liver detoxification pathways. We have all heard, you are what you eat. Really, you are what you absorb. You breathe in poisons. You put poisons on your skin, which you absorb. More accurately, you are what you don’t detoxify. If you toxify faster than you detoxify, toxins will be stored in your fat cells. These can be disruptors of apoptosis, leading a person to cancer. Standard liver testing only reveals whether a person has a disease in the liver. You want to know how a person’s p450 pathways and methylation pathways are doing. You want to look at liver detoxification byproducts.

17:06 Belly Fat, Blood Sugar and Cancer: Dysglycemia, abnormal blood glucose levels, is a precursor to nearly every disease. Abnormal glucose levels damage kidneys and damage blood vessel walls. Even with a fasting blood sugar in the 100 to 115 range, you are still doing damage. It can lead to obesity. Dr. Conners sees obesity as a symptom of a disorder, not a disease or disorder in and of itself. Diet and lack of exercise promote weight gain. People will also hold body fat and body water if they are toxic. Your fat cells are designed to store energy, so when you go through a famine, you have energy on board. Unfortunately, they store toxins as well. If toxins were free flowing in your blood, you would die. Instead, your body stores them in your fat cells. The more body fat you have, the more toxins you have. The amount of fat you have directly correlates to your body burden of endocrine disrupting chemicals. That is one reason why you should lose weight slowly, as toxins are liberated as fat cells break down.

23:17 Things We Can Do to Keep Cancer at Bay: Especially if cancer runs in your family, look at your toxicity levels and toxic exposure. Be conscious about what you are doing in life. Our diets are the number one way that we toxify ourselves. You need to eat non-GMO organic foods. Changing your diet is the most impactful thing you can do. Curcumin, green tea extract and medicinal mushrooms upregulate tumor suppressor pathways and genes. Medicinal mushrooms are a good immune booster as well. However, certain autoimmune diseases are upregulated with some medicinal mushrooms. Nearly everyone is deficient in and could benefit from a good form of b vitamins and methyltetrahydrofolate. Both of these support detox. Processed foods are fortified with synthetic substances that disrupt detox pathways. Resveratrol is beneficial; however it has a short half-life in your body. If you take it at 9 a.m., it will be out of your body by 10 a.m. If you are going to take it in capsule form, take a lower dose capsule and take it throughout the day. Most often, Dr. Conners recommends that his patients use a liquid form of resveratrol and put it in a water bottle and has them sip throughout the day.

29:26 Growth Hormone and Cancer: Dr. Conners has multiple degrees from the School of Anti-Aging Medicine, but he takes issue with the stimulation of growth hormone if you have cancer. Bioidentical growth hormone stimulators slow the aging process, but if you have even the smallest incipient cancer, it is like throwing gasoline on a fire. Dr. Conners believes that everyone has cancer cells growing inside them and recommends that everyone avoid bioidentical growth hormone stimulators. A natural growth hormone stimulator, like deer antler should be safe to use as long as you know you don’t have cancer. You can use resveratrol if you have cancer. Kale does not stimulate telomeres, but it does stimulate nitric oxide. If you increase your levels of nitric oxide, you increase the stimulation of blood vessels, causing the growth of new blood vessels. It increases oxygenation to tissues and oxygenation to your heart. This is good for you, unless you have cancer. If you have cancer, it causes your cancer to grow like crazy. Cancer patients should not eat kale.

33:16 What is Cancer? Normally, your cells live a certain amount of time, depending upon what type of cell it is. It produces another cell and the mother cell dies. It is called normal programmed cell death or apoptosis. The cell shrinks and shrivels. Your immune cells gobble it up and recycle many of the components. Cancer is when that process is broken. You end up with too many cells in your body. When a cell does not die its normal programmed cell death, you do not have cancer. But this is the first step on the way to cancer. If you have breast cancer, you have one cell that did not go through normal apoptosis. It stayed alive when it was supposed to die. One other thing has to happen inside that cell for it to become cancer. Instead of replicating once on schedule, it replicates more rapidly. The mother cell never dies and goes into a state of rapid replication. That is cancer.

35:52 Do We All Have Cancer Inside Us? We all have this process going on inside our bodies, but we don’t all get cancer. In the United States, 1 in every 2 people will have cancer within their lifetime. About 40 years ago, 1 in 50 people got cancer. Your immune system recognizes the abnormal grouping of rapidly replicating cells surrounds it and kills it. Technically, everyone has cancer. You meet a diagnosis of cancer if it is growing faster than your immune system can destroy it or your immune system was suppressed, like from stress, and could not destroy it fast enough.

38:44 The Catch 22 of Oncology: When you get a cancer diagnosis, you are pulled into a state of fear, which weakens your immune system. Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery all compromise the immune system, which you desperately need to fight your cancer.

40:09 Healing Outreach: Dr. Conners sees his work as more of a ministry. They cannot possibly see everyone who needs help. There have been almost 30,000 downloads of his cancer book. You can download his cancer book, autoimmune diseases book, and his Lyme book for free or receive sections of the books with a short video in emails over the course of time. These books are on his website. He also has an informative blog that he updates nearly every day. They also have a patient forum.

42:31 One Piece of Advice about Cancer: You cannot make decisions based upon fear. You always have more time than you are told. You have choices. Do not make your decisions in the doctor’s office. Go home and think about it. Ask questions. Get advice from as many sources as possible. Be aware of the bias of the advice. Even if you choose the traditional route of treatment, there are alternative things that you need to do. For example, you need to change the environment that got you into this, or you are going to be in the same situation again, or worse.

45:44 Fish Oil and Chemotherapy: Though it does not apply to every form of chemo, you can take fish oil a few days before chemotherapy and a few days after and then you want to load up on it. Chemo does its work mainly within the first 48 hours. After that, it is just killing good cells, so you want to pull it out of your body and detox as fast as possible.

46:47 Dr. Conners’ Favorite Whole Food, Herb, or Supplement: His favorite would have to be their proprietary mushroom blend. It contains mushrooms and other things that Dr. Conners could not find in any other product. It works well for most people. You can’t fit people around a protocol. You have to fit a protocol around the person.

48:24 Healthcare Policy Idea for America: Bring alternative medicine into the fold of medical protocol. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion and should not be treated like a lunatic.


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      • Minnesota board of Chiropratic, Just learned he charged my sister in law 14000 up front to treat her, she only has four months to live.

    • Information from his website.

      Dr. Kevin Conners
      kevinDr. Kevin Conners has his Fellowship in Health Research Outcomes, National Institutes of Health; Fellowship and Board Certified in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine; Fellowship and Board Certified in Integrative Cancer Therapy; currently studying for another degree in Botanical Medicine, and a Certification in Cardiovascular through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and South Florida School of Medicine; he is certified in Functional Neurology and has had over 300 hours postgraduate study in the Autism Spectrum Disorders. He is a practicing Applied Kinesiologist with an emphasis on Botanical Medicine and Homeopathy.

  1. If NO increases VEGF and the later increases oxygenation to the tissue, wouldn't this be a good option , seeing that cancerous growths thrive in an anaerobic enviroment ?

  2. What a fantastic interview! A wealth of knowledge and Mike you did a great job with the questions.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Very informative however as a Retired EMT and a person who lost both parents to Ca, along w/ a recent dear friend why is it that only the people w/ good ins seem to survive just an observation I have made over the yrs for instance does this Dr take all kinds of ins ? It sadly seems that only those who have the $ can get through this struggle, along w/ so many Not for Profits taking $ over all these yrs only to find that $ goes to the administration and not research, I am all about alterenative choices i.e THC Oil as I am living proof that it works along w/ my Dr agreeing to the same. Again very informative for sure but the answers are out there and $ shouldn't be the reason that people can't beat ca. Thank you

  4. I'm into natural products and would like to See Dr. Conners. How can I make an Appointment.

  5. I agree…millions and millions of dollars are going in someone's pocket. I stopped donating years ago because, let's face it, in this day and age a cure should've been found by now. So many people I talk to believe one was found long ago but it would put hundreds of thousands of people out of a job if that cure was let out. Horrible.

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