Fitness Icon Bill Phillips Nearly Dies, How Past Steroid Use Likely Played a Role

by Mike Mutzel

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Fitness icon Bill Phillips nearly dies from COVID-19. We discuss blood viscosity, hormones and steroids/SARMs as it relates to heart health and risk of severe disease.


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Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro
0:31 Bill Phillips ravaged after C*19
2:17 Mike Shultz, a similar story of HRT user who got hit hard
3:30 Blood Viscosity
4:37 Bill Phillips now after the infection
6:04 Bill admits to steroid use
8:27 Mike's personal steroid use
9:42 How anabolics, SARMs and HRT impact blood work, risk of heart disease

  1. Hi Mike!
    Hope you and Deanna are well.
    I saw the FB post about Bill a few days before your broadcast and the timing was amazing to hear your side of the story.
    I’m curious to know the timing of his vaccine as well. Was it before he became ill recently or during it after his recovery. That would definitely have an impact on the severity and progression of illness.
    Love your show!

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