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#126: Peter Osborne, DC – Gluten Free Diet Fails & Hidden Toxins in Gluten Free Foods

by Mike Mutzel


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No Grain, No Pain: A 30-Day Diet for Eliminating the Root Cause of Chronic Pain

About Peter Osborne, D.C.

Dr. Peter Osborne is the clinical director of Origins Health Care in Sugar Land, Texas. He is a doctor of chiropractic, doctor of functional medicine, doctor of pastoral science, and a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist.

Often times referred to as “The Gluten-Free Warrior”, he is one of the most sought after functional medicine doctors in the world. His practice is centered on helping those with painful chronic degenerative and autoimmune diseases with a primary focus on gluten sensitivity and food allergies.

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Show Notes

01:11 The Link between Grain Consumption and Pain: Grain consumption induces an inflammatory state that Dr. Osborn calls “grainflamation”. For those of us with gluten sensitivity, we have an inflammatory response as our body rejects grains. People with allergies to mold may also react. Grains are rich in mold and mycotoxins; toxins created by mold which forms during the bulk storage of grains. Another trigger for inflammation from grains may be the pesticides which are still in/on the grain. One of the chemicals, atrazine, works like an estrogen. In amphibians, the males become females. Glyphosate is a severe toxin on the gut, with a number of effects that contribute to the inflammatory cascade.  There is more to grainflammation than gluten.

05:16 Gluten is in More Than Just Wheat: The protein called alpha gliadin, found in wheat, barley and rye, was discovered in 1952 and studied on 10 people, where it was found to be the trigger for celiac disease. Since then, we have discovered over a thousand forms of gluten. Corn and rice, in addition to other grains, have their own family of gluten and you may be reacting to them.  Grains are not gluten free.  Gluten free grain food products are one of the most concentrated sources of mycotoxins in the American diet.

Gluten is in More Than Just Wheat : Corn and rice, in addition to other grains, have their own family of gluten

08:28 “Gluten Free” labeling only applies to the alpha gliadin protein, not the other gluten families in other grains. Zein, the principal protein in corn has been shown to cause more inflammatory damage and bind to the gluten receptor on human immune cells more effectively than wheat.  Dr. Osborne believes that this is one reason why people with gluten sensitivity who still consume corn, do not recover.

10:12 Calming the Inflammatory Response: Change the diet to eliminate grains.  Dr. Osborne has patients with what he calls “Hormone Pain”.  Grain is affecting their ability to make thyroid hormones and adrenal hormones, so they cannot fight inflammation well, their metabolism slows and they have low energy.  Even acid reflux, another symptom, is painful.  Avoid all grains to reduce inflammation. Supplements can be taken to reduce pain from inflammation. Dr. Osborne cautions that you should determine the level in reduction of pain from the elimination of grains first.

12:12 Needing Help to Heal: When you have a nail in your tire, you can remove the nail, like you would remove grains from your diet, but you still have a flat tire. You may need help healing from the damage of inflammation.  Long term inflammation can cause deficiencies, impeding healing and restoration.

14:05 Hidden Sources of Gluten: Sometimes meat is injected with something that mimics gluten called microbial transglutaminase. Same is done with cheese and dairy. This may explain why many with gluten sensitivity, are also sensitive to dairy.  Sometimes there is gluten contamination during processing or cooking.

14:55 This site has a list of ingredient names that reflect grains/gluten under Gluten Free Food List.  

16:13 Genetic Markers of Gluten Sensitivity: Dr. Osborne prefers testing to guessing.  Genetic markers/patterns in the HLADQA1 and HLADQA Beta 1 genes show if a person is gluten sensitive. The more they consume gluten, the more inflammation is created.  Eventually disease enters the picture. A multitude of autoimmune diseases are linked to gluten exposure. Celiac and gluten sensitivity are not the same thing.

18:47 Why is Gluten Sensitivity More Prevalent Today? The government’s food guide pyramid was created about 30 years old, not as a science-based recommendation, but as a means for government to promote agricultural products in the US. This recommendation has been to eat more grains. Today’s flour has gluten added to them to make the baked consistency more palatable and desirable.  Government tax subsidies are in place to grow more grain to feed the poor.

20:51 Stripping Away Protective Gut Barriers: In addition, antibiotics have been in use for the past 50 years and its use is on the rise. There are 5 barriers that protect our gut from developing a leak and an autoimmune process. A leak of the gut allows inflammation to travel to the rest of our body. One of those barriers is the microbiome, the bacteria in our gut.  Antibiotics and certain classes of blood pressure medication induce leaky gut. Aspirin, Ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs strip away one of the other gut barriers, the mucosa that lines the G.I. tract. Other drugs affect gut motility.

23:33 It’s More Than Gluten and Wheat: A lot of us have a problem with seeds as a whole. Seeds are anti-nutritive, hard to digest and hard to process. If your gut is compromised, bombarding it with seeds amplifies inflammation.

25:15 Acute vs Delayed Sensitivity: Acute disease is either from trauma or infection.  Most other forms of disease are chronic and degenerative. This is from bio-accumulated damage over the course of a long time. An acute allergic reaction comes on in zero minutes to 30 minutes.  Delayed hypersensitivity response is a different side of the immune system where we make IgG, IgA, IgM and IgD antibodies. A specific type of white blood cell creates a T-cell response, which requires the release of different chemicals.  There is also an immune complex response. This all takes time. Few doctors measure them. Even allergist will generally only measure the acute response. The window for a delayed response is 3 hours to 3 weeks. Our bodies lose its ability to deal with chronic inflammation and we fall prey to disease.

29:45 Pain Med Alternatives: When pain is caused by inflammation, we can block the inflammation or block the information. Opiates block the information, are addictive, and block the G.I. tract with severe constipation, causing the backed up food to rot in our gut. That sets the stage for dysbiosis of gut flora and yeast overgrowth. Yeast converts grains into alcohol in the gut. Over time, this can lead to liver damage. Sometimes, Dr. Osborne will use supplements, like concentrated doses of omega 3 or high concentration turmeric, to help people get off their pain meds. Sometimes weaning off of pain meds is as painful as the pain.  Pain meds do not fix the pain. They mask the pain. By masking the pain, your body believes that it is okay to keep going, causing degeneration and eventually surgery. With systemic inflammation, surgery adds another level of inflammation.  Many of us have what is called “failed surgery syndrome”, when we have so much inflammation that the surgery does not help, but adds to inflammation and hinders healing further.

SAM: Pain Med Alternatives: When pain is caused by inflammation, we can block the inflammation or block the information

34:01 The Prescription Pain Trap: Educate yourself that the drug is not the solution. You need a comprehensive long term plan. Your plan needs a nutritional component.

36:02 Grain Depression Cycle:  Some of us react to grain in a way that affects our nervous system. One of the earliest known names of gluten sensitivity was called Bread Madness, because it created a near schizophrenic state. Not only can grain create a leaky gut, it can create a leaky brain. It opens the blood brain barrier and allows in chemicals that do not belong, setting up the brain for chronic inflammation.  One of the symptoms of that is chronic depression, which will deplete the will to exercise and maintain health.  Joints deteriorate more quickly with inactivity.

38:41 Grain-Besity Cycle: Grain can induce hormonal changes. Your body’s response to inflammation is to create more cortisol. With chronic long term inflammation, it can lead to adrenal burnout. Adrenal failure or burnout leads to the inability to adapt or cope with inflammation and it gets out of control. Our adrenals are our natural inflammatory control system. Excessive insulin production is a side effect of this, causing amplified fat storage.  We end up marbleizing our muscle tissue, which creates a fatty muscle, which slows our metabolism. Muscle sets the metabolic rate. Excess weight increases pressure on joints, thus further limiting physical activity and increasing pain.

Sam: Grain-Besity Cycle Grains can induce hormonal changes and alter the body’s response to inflammation is to create more cortisol and insulin.

44:49 Supplementation: Dr. Osborne recommends essential supplements.  These are supplements that your body cannot produce internally and without them, your body cannot function. An example of this is omega-3s. Grain-rich diets are omega-6 rich diets. Providing omega-3s does not mask, it helps to bring natural balance. You need the fundamental building blocks for the repair of the body.


46:26 Action Steps: If you are not getting the testing done, Dr. Osborne recommends taking a very potent/strong grain-free GMO-free multivitamin and a strong contaminant-free omega 3. Another key piece is proteolytic enzyme to help modulate inflammation. Dr. Osborne’s goal is for us to be off supplements and inflammation and pain free.

48:25 Thirty Day Diet Plan: This is broken into two 15 day cycles. This allows people to naturally gravitate toward a more meaningful diet. The first 15 days are not as aggressive in elimination as the second 15 days.

51:02 Dr. Osborne’s Morning Routine:  He is up at 5 a.m. and does a 5:30 workout, usually CrossFit. He relaxes and recovers from the workout and has a light breakfast.  It is a high brain activity time. So before clinic, he blogs, writes, shoots videos, and prepares mentally for his clinic. He brings a home cooked meal, leftovers from last night’s dinner, with him for lunch.  He makes time for his family after work and takes vacations.


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  1. WHAT A GREAT SHOW! Everything is covered: Hidden gluten inflammation, genes HLADQ1 and HLADQ2, mold, pain, pain medications, brain, constipation, Depression, Autoimmune diseases, joints/muscles, producing more cortisol to fight inflammation, adrenal burnout, blood brain barrier, insulin sensitivity, fat storage, cartilage damage, genetic testing, essential supplements: Omega 3-Proteoletic enzymes-Multi Vitamin, 30-day diet plan, and Dr. Peter Osborne’s book No Grain, No Pain. Well done Mike and Peter!

  2. I have visited Dr. Osborne’s site a few times and cannot find actual research studies to back up the existence of gluten in other grains to show to people. I can’t get people to believe something with no scientific proof, and I’m very disappointed all of his references come up with no real information.

    • Hi there Sara,

      What references are you looking for in particular?

      He has many references in his book.

      But I’ll see if he can share specifics with if you have any.



      • Anyone has his own ideas and it all theory and not backed up with real science. Then is this not good and this it is that. It is all BS. If this was all true how did our forefathers lived en how do we get here?

        And by the way Dr. Osborne’s Morning Routine is insanity! Before eating going to crossfit. Yeah here comes the stress. The best time for fitness is around 4-8PM. To your research and fitness in the morning with no food is crazy like hell and that is going to pay someday! Ans seed are good for you but you need not to overdue it! So the following is BS “Seeds are anti-nutritive” Do your research about the positive side of this ‘anti-nutritive’ because there is a positive side to it and it’s good for you and that is with all things. >To much carbs is not good but also to little is not good and that is with everything. And the most problems are stress, a wrong healthy diet and to little exercise of moving true out the day and to little sleep. Take these four and make them good and you can eat anything in moderation! It is time to get of this nonsense because he said that and another one said this and so on. The lain people are going crazy and change nothing because they cannot make any sense of it all. I follow Mercola, OneradioNetwork, Mike Mutzel, Dr. Axe, John Gray, D. Wolfe, …and so on and how many times I see that they speak against each other.. it makes no sense anymore!!!!! And it is so easy when they all comes off there horses and comes together and works with each other. Thenb they only have to do is to come together and speak the whole thing out with the science of that moment and make a few pages with of healthy laws to do each day for a healthy person and voila. We no need to hear hours and hours of conversations and where he said this and there she said this and so on. And for people with a common disease you make an a separate or an extra document to do each day and this will be changed after 3 or 6 months with the new science if there is one and that is helping people but not 100000’s of video and conversations and this and that. We cannot make any sense about this horsesh*t anymore because the most of us have not the time for it to listen to everyone of you and to puzzle with it to make sense of it all and it is time to come together and make it a little bit more transparent for us what to do in this or that situation. In my mind is this with healthy laws to do with a few pages.

        • Wow Kevin,
          A little strong on the response. I would love to respond to your comments, but I cannot make out the majority of what you are trying to say. However; if you would like “the research”, feel free to read No Grain No Pain. There are over 300 peer reviewed citations provided. I would ask that you consider that the reason that varying opinions and approaches exist, is because people are varied. The concept of biochemical individuality is an important factor.
          Wishing you excellent health,
          Dr. O

      • The ones on his website. I was excited to see the citations, but disappointed to read the texts of the articles. I’ve written the FDA about their lack of properly labeling gluten free. It would be great to find actual research to submit or at least start a petition,

    • Have you read his book? I would think the references would be in his book. This is research he did. He is selling the book. It makes sense that the nitty gritty written down would be there.

      • Perhaps just give people the link to this video and let them watch the video. If they are interested they can do their own research or buy Dr. Osborn’s book, or get it through their library.

  3. Mike thank you so much for all your interviews, forum, for all the information you get from all the experts. Nobody forcing anyone to do anything. But to learn something that might help your autistic child or yourself is essential and crucial. If it wasn’t for people like you Mike we ,in England, would be still listening to all the nonsense to do nothing once you have an autistic child. My friends and i hugely appreciate all the hard work you have done and continue doing for all of us.

    Kind regards Adele Rollisson

  4. There should be a transcript for people to read for those that don’t have a spare hour. Why not advising 96 food allergy test or muscle testing for allergies to find out EXACTLY what each person is allergic to without having to guess? For instance I’m OK with dairy but for some reason I react to mozzarella cheese.
    You have to be careful when defining gluten. My kids have tested allergic to the “standard” gluten found in wheat, barley and rye. So if corn and rice gluten were considered in the same family of gluten as wheat, barley and rye then they wouldn’t be able to eat any grains.
    What’s really needed is a through education on nutrition starting with the medical profession that barely gets an hour of nutritional education. People need to find out what food is good for their individual body and the testing needs to be covered by insurance. Too many think there’s one ideal diet not realizing were are all individuals and what works great for you may make someone else sick based on their bio-chemical makeup.
    Lastly people need to know that dairy, gluten, soy and other allergens maybe in their supplements and prescription meds without having these ingredients listed on the label so need to ask your Dr. and possibly even call the manufacturer. The US food is probably the most contaminated food supply in the world with Monsanto and the food lobby refusing to label GMO’s. I would consider relocating outside of the US for health reasons as I’ve noticed when traveling to Europe how much healthier the people are overseas. When traveling to Europe, Americans usually lose weight without trying and likewise gain that same weight right back when returning to the US even though they are eating the same. Some of this is due to more opportunities for exercise. Europeans tend to walk more. On recent business trip to Germany, exercise tracker logged 10K steps /day while at home, a 45 min treadmill workout showed only 3K steps.

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