Cold Plunges, Ice Baths: Beneficial Stress (hormesis) w/ Surprising Health Benefits

by Mike Mutzel


Cold exposure has many health (metabolic and immune) benefits. We catch up with Adrianne and Jason of Morozko Forge to discuss the many health benefits linked with cold therapy.



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Key Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro
0:20 Acclimating to cold
2:08 Vitamin D Levels Decline in the Fall
3:00 Cold plunge and metabolic health
2:53 Cold and Circadian Rhythm
3:54 The Best Plunge
4:00 DIY Stock tank
4:19 Why the Morozko Forge
4:58 The Shivering response
5:30 Starting with cold showers
5:58 Fat loss and cold exposure
21:30 How Morozko Forge Started
24:17 Benefits of Hormetic Stress
30:20 How long to plunge
34:00 the power of cold
37:00 Best time to plunge
31:50 Cold and the Brain
47:27 Using cold to enhance circulation
52:16 How Adrienne used cold exposure to heal her autoimmune conditions
60:00 Depression and cold exposure
1:03:00 Keeping your plunge cold and clean
1:08:00 Shivering with the cold

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