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#241: Coffee Enemas, Constipation & Colonics w/ Marisol Teijeiro, ND

by Mike Mutzel

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About Marisol Teijeiro, ND

Marisol is a member of Society for Integrative Oncology (SIO), Oncological Association of Naturopathic Practitioners ( OncANP), International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine, Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND) and Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND).


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Show Notes

05:04 Colonicis the best tool to help heal the gut. It cleans the gut of compacted masses. A colonic is the equivalent to 20 enemas. They clean the bowl, help to reset the mucosal membrane of the gut, hydrates the body and helps with peristalsis, as well as retraining the gut.

06:35 Pouches in your large intestine may not get flushed with your bowel movements, causing reinfection and re-pollution into your body. Colonics were done as far back as biblical times.

08:30The liver and the gallbladder are stimulated to dump toxins with a colonic. Bile dumps are from the gallbladder, which was stimulated from the enterohepatic circulation.

09:01 A healthy gut should have a 24 hour transit time.

10:25 Taking probiotics with an unhealthy gut is tantamount to putting paint over wallpaper. You have to remove the wallpaper.

10:52Many of us can resolve many conditions within 4 to 6 weeks, with colonic hydrotherapy. It can work to resolve severe acne and some psoriasis.

11:36 A colonic cleanse series should be done twice a year. Heal It/Clean It is a 4 week cleanse with a specific diet, Candida Clear or Dysbiotic, probiotics, castor oil packs and IV therapy. Dr. Teijeiro has her patients do a monthly colon hydrotherapy and an IV to keep antioxidants high.

14:51 We are all exposed to chemicals/toxins and should do cleanses.Foam mattresses are one of the worst contaminants for the neurological system.

15:59 Washing can remove as much as 70% of the chemicalsfrom your fruits and vegetables, even organic, which can be exposed to chemicals in handling.

17:22 Pooping properly starts with eating lots of vegetables, drinking lots of clean water, and drinking green tea. Hot water has the same bowel moving effect as coffee.

18:34 Castor oil is a healing anointing oil. It is placed over the liver, calming the nervous system, helping with gut motility and reducing inflammation in the gut.

19:10 Dr. Teijeiro uses Queen of Thrones Castor Oiland castor oil packs, which she created. Every day use would be ideal.

20:48 Castor oil reduces biofilm. Since the pack mobilizes hormones and breaks down masses, so the pack can be placed elsewhere besides the liver.

21:39 The molecular structure of castor oil is similar to prostaglandin E3, a natural anti-inflammatory molecule within our bodies. It has a very low molecular weight for an oil, so it goes deep into the dermis and below. It enters the lymphatic system. It is a carrier for essential oils.

22:15 Where you place a castor oil pack on your body stimulates the organs inside. It stimulates the nervous system into a relaxed state. Healing happens in the parasympathetic.Practice meditation, but do not rely on aps. Follow your breath.

26:52 Beets are full of glycine, an amino acid that helps the liver detoxify. They also help to get your bowels moving.

27:32 Arugula’s bitterness stimulates the liver. Green tea can get your body cleaning in many different ways.

28:40 Fat with your coffee will reduce sugar throughout your system, but it will increase the amount of sugar in your gut, impacting candida and gut health.

30:00 Colonics can cost from $90 to $150. The first time, two in a row should be done. After that, once a month.

30:56 If you cannot afford colonics, do regular water enemas, use castor oil packs and do magnesium flushes. Raise your magnesium levels to the point where you have loose bowels to clear them.

32:07 Dr. Teijeiro’s book, Oh, Shit comes out in the fall.

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