Circadian Rhythms and Aging: When You Eat, Sleep & Fast Helps you Look Younger New Science Suggests

by Mike Mutzel


New science highlights the interconnections with circadian rhythms and the biology of aging, suggesting we should focus on the boring stuff like consistency with sleep/wake cycles and meal times for improving how you age.




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Video Time Stamps:

00:36 As we age our circadian rhythm becomes altered. Phenotypes of ageing: wrinkles, gray hair, decline in function, muscle mass loss, metabolic disease, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, sleeplessness and alterations in sleep/wake cycles, can be the result decreased amplitude and intensity of your circadian clock system.

01:24 Be vigilant about your sleep and wake times and meal timing. Food influences your body’s peripheral circadian clock system, which provides feedback to the central clock system.

03:13 Your circadian clock system is intimately connected with your metabolism and the rate at which you age.


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03:26 Take screens out of your bedroom. Go to bed at the same time every night. Be strict.

06:52 Be consistent with your meal timing. Your body has a second meal effect and is anticipating food at your regular mealtime. Food and exercise influence your peripheral circadian clock system.

08:26 Your metabolism, nutrient sensing enzymes and receptors are improved with exercise, fasting and low carb diets. These enzymes and receptors influence the circadian clock system.

09:16 Poor sleep negatively impacts metabolic health. Improving your metabolic health works to improve imbalances in the circadian clock system, which improves sleep, which improves metabolic health. Night shift workers have higher rates of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer.

10:41 The ageing phenotypes that you express at the end of your life, is connected to the health of your circadian clock system.

11:56 Take blood sugar support supplements later in the day when you are more insulin resistant.

12:31 Chrononutrition and chronopharmacology utilizes genetic and metabolomic analysis to determine timing of cancer drugs. Your immune system is more active earlier in the day.

14:51 Light exposure in the evening, not just blue light, alters the function of your circadian clock rhythm.  Match your light exposure to that of your outdoor environment.

17:40 Children are more sensitive to light exposure, especially at night. They have a greater degree of melatonin suppression when they are exposed to light. Screens at night for children accelerates their ageing, alters their metabolism, alters insulin metabolism, causes cravings of junk food, alters behavior, and impacts memory, sleep quality, and facial development.

18:51 Invest in a pair of blue light filtering glasses. Mike prefers BLUblox.



Sato, S.,  (2021). Tuning up an aged clock: Circadian clock regulation in metabolism and aging. Translational Medicine of Aging, 1–42.

  1. I suggest studying the cycles laid out by the knowledge presented from oriental medicine and Ayurveda. These cultures have utilized the circadian medicine you reference for the last 5,000 years. It’s all about physics and balance within and without. Grasp the concept of Qi, Prana, Innate Intelligence, Life force, etc. Without understanding the foundations the best we can do is scrape the surface. The dogma presented by western science fails at this. Presenting pieces and parts without an understanding of the complete whole results in more of the same old thing, more chronicity. The motivating force of all life isn’t the cell, organs, tissue, hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes, or chemicals. It starts with Qi and everything else follows. Avoiding this is akin to chasing farts in a wind storm. More of a hobby instead of a resolution.

  2. I am very strict on my times to eat etc. and my bedtime , waking I always try to do at the same time. Makes me feel good that you recommend this too. I also listen to your podcast when eating lunch, so I don’t stray away from eating healthy. Keto and fasting helps me feel great at 73.

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