Breathwork, Microdosing, Grounding and Other Novel Mental Health Boosting Strategies /w Fred Grover, MD

by Mike Mutzel


Spiritual Genomics: A physician’s deep dive beyond modern medicine, discovering unique keys to optimizing DNA health, longevity, and happiness! How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence Holotropic Breathwork: A New Approach to Self-Exploration and Therapy (SUNY series in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology) Awakening Gaia: The Lemurian Crystal Grid (Spiritual Genomics Book 2)

Show Notes

07:19 When grounding, you do not have to have skin to ground contact. A thin layer of fabric works, but direct contact works better. A half hour to an hour of earthing is balancing and rejuvenating.

08:14 A pulse magnetic field therapy device is used in Dr. Grover’s office and home to recreate the Schumann resonance from the earth. At certain frequencies it can improve lymphatic flow, microvascular blood flow and mitochondrial density.

10:56 HRV improves with sound therapy as well as pulse magnetic field therapy and meditation.

11:17 Dr. Grover’s website Alchemyofresonance.com speaks to the alchemy of light, magnetism, sound and energy healing to bring balance. Combining modalities can help you drop into deeper meditative states and bring energetic balance.

13:54 Our DNA makers can shift to a state of decreased inflammation and greater health with meditation, even with a short period of meditation 3 days or a week or so. This is through the processes of acetylation and methylation.

15:35 Epigenetic changes are made through environmental changes, nutritional need or change, and shifts in our emotional and physical stress.

17:01 Holotropic breathwork includes hyperventilation of about an hour. Breathwork opens us up and brings energy in. It helps us clear things.

19:15 The CO2 released in breathwork creates a respiratory alkalosis, bringing about some tingling in the hands.

20:25 Ayahuasca journey: Dr. Grover refers his patients desiring an ayahuasca retreat to safe centers in Peru and helps them with potentially conflicting medications. 

20:58 When his patients return from an ayahuasca retreat, he sits down with them for an hour discussing their experience. Sometimes you have to go outside the box to heal things.

22:55 Ayahuasca and magic mushrooms are sacred medicines used as therapy to shift yourself in a positive way.

23:30 Psilocybin has been effective in treating depression. Low dose or microdosing, helps with creativity.

25:52 Microdosing LSD can resonate with some people. It is a powerful modern tool. It has many benefits when doing deeper spiritual work. You don’t get the earth based balanced feel that you get with ayahuasca. It may have a negative impact upon people with mental health issues.

27:10 Pharmaceuticals are not very effective and can cause harm when treating uncontrolled depression and anxiety, which can lead to suicide, homicide, and mass shootings.

27:34 SSRI/antidepressants have a blunting effect to the brain. They are not antidepressants. They blunt feelings of depression and anxiety, causing a disconnection from the mind/body relationship. They are unable to relate to others and to themselves. Psychedelics are often effective.

28:55 MDMA has been shown to bring about amazing improvements with depression, suicide and PTSD symptoms, allowing for functional healing.

31:15 Transcranial magnetic therapy has 70% efficacy in the treatment of depression. Antidepressants have a 30% efficacy, no better than placebo.

31:58 Studies on cancer patients and psilocybin show treated their depression with a single dose that lasted 3 months. They were more at peace.   

34:08 The Institute for Functional Medicine website can give you a list of doctors who are more open to doing plant medicine therapies.

37:00 Sacred geometry can help train our brains into a geometric entrainment that can activate deeper thought processes and creativity.

37:56 Crystals have sacred geometric structures which align with you DNA. Your DNA has sacred geometry. Geometry of the universe is a spiral, found throughout nature. 

39:52 Ancient sacred sites have sacred geometry. Dr. Grover has traveled the world and meditated in many of these sites. He writes of this in his book, Awakening Gaia.

49:20 Placing a Lemurian seed crystal on your 3rd eye during meditation amplifies the flow of energy.

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