Sauna: Why the Cool Down as Important as the Heat w/ Glenn of Sauna Times

by Mike Mutzel

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Show Notes:


03:09 Glenn practices the Finnish tradition of sauna building.

04:23 Glenn became hooked on sauna in Europe. He is attracted to nature and the quality of the heat.

06:01 Infrared sauna is not a real sauna, according to Glenn. The way your body reacts is different.

08:25 The heat up and cool down from sauna are equally important. The extreme change from hot to cold allows the body to experience the full power of thermogenesis. It expands the mind, the body and the spirit.

10:20 Glenn’s session of 3 or 4 rounds of heat/cool takes an hour and a half to two hours. Everything in life is better with a good sauna session.

11:40 Authentic saunas are most often placed next to lakes in Finland. 

15:40 Glenn likes a Friday Happy Hour sauna session to end his work week. Finns traditionally do a Wednesday and a Saturday sauna.

17:52 Sauna can be a vehicle for socialization. It naturally gives you a high.

19:40 In Finland, sauna is always done naked, so genders are segregated. Women sauna first, then the men.  In Germany, they sauna naked and co-ed.  In the US we sauna in swimsuits and go co-ed.

22:06 Minnesota has a generational tradition of sauna, mainly due to Finnish heritage. There are small pockets of generational sauna communities in the US.

24:33 There are mobile saunas. They are built on an ice fish house chassis, which allows you to drop down onto grade and be immediately connect to the earth on the same plain as you exit the sauna.

30:35 Building your own sauna requires W.I.T.:  will, information and time. Build at your own pace.

33:22 Contractors shy away from building these as a project.

34:07 Building your own is rewarding. Customize and create what you want.

38:00 “Every sauna has its own soul.”  The maker of the sauna creates the soul.

46:10 Properly ventilated air, which subtly moves across your body, feels hotter than the ambient temperature. Vents can be added later.

48:58 “A good sauna is like a candle that lights another candle.” By spreading good saunas around, we have more light.

49:22 You can start with a shed or carve it into your garage. Use an authentic sauna stove. Glenn prefers the Kuuma.


  1. I really enjoy your podcast Mike. I’ve been listening for about 2.5 years and have learned a lot and found support on my journey. I homeschool my three kids on a mini-homestead in the Bay Area and am an art, drama, and creative writing teacher. I really appreciated what you said in this podcast about making your vision come true by placing something visual or symbolic to keep you motivated and planning towards your goals. Thank for all you do and if you’re ever in the Bay we have lots of awesome hiking spots. I also raise meat rabbits if you’re ever interesting in adding that to your backyard information!

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