Backyard Chickens: How to get started and why you should start now!

by Mike Mutzel


Our world has changed a lot since this pandemic got legs. 

Interest in backyard chickens and gardening is at an all-time high as a result. And for good reason—getting eggs, herbs and even meat from your own yard is healthier and a more sustainable way to live. 

Our family’s been doing this for the past five years I want to inspire you to do the same!  You’re probably intimated about the time-commitment, but chickens and gardening can be condensed to just a few hours a week. 

Plus…there’s many, many side-benefits beyond just better nutrition! Chickens force you to sleep and wake with the sun—helping to balance your sleep and circadian rhythms. 

They’re also a constant reminder about when you should and shouldn’t be eating—when the sun sets—they’re done eating as they don’t want to be some's dinner! Above all else, if you have young children, a backyard mini-homestead is a great education. 

Now is the perfect time to get started with your own backyard chickens! The Backyard Garden and Chicken School will show you the way: https://bit.ly/Backyard-Garden-Chickens

Sponsored Backyard Garden and Chicken School: Learn how to live more sustainably with a backyard garden, chickens

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