#88: Susanne Bennett- Swollen Belly Syndrome, Allergies, and Fermented Foods

by Mike Mutzel



About Susanne Bennett

Best-selling author and allergy specialist Dr. Susanne Bennett. In this episode, Dr. Bennett offers tips to help you get rid of swollen belly, allergies, and brain fog. She also discusses the best way to make an amazing kimchi at home.

Books Discussed in This Episode

The 7-Day Allergy Makeover: A Simple Program to Eliminate Allergies and Restore Vibrant Health from the Insi de Out

Show Notes

02:31 Dr. Bennett’s Allergy Journey: Though she started as a sports medicine doctor, when her son was born in the early 1990s, her life and career shifted. At 3 months old her son, Cody, began having allergy symptoms that became worse, to the point of being life-threatening. A turning point came when he contracted cerebellum meningitis from an MMR/Chickenpox vaccine.  He stopped walking for weeks. Dr. Bennett felt that she had to save her son’s life. She went back to school and became an allergy expert. Her mentors are Dr. Doris Rapp and also Dr. William Rae, in Texas. She shifted her large sports medicine practice to a natural allergy medicine practice.

06:14 The Seven Day Allergy Makeover: In her book, Dr. Bennett focuses on your food, what you put into your body, your environment, your water, your air, your living environment, your kitchen, and things that we apply to our skin.

06:51 Cody’s Allergy Journey: Most of Dr. Bennett’s son’s allergy symptoms began when he started solid food. When he was 5 months old, she sent some of his hair to Doctor’s Data Lab and found that he had very high levels of nickel, arsenic, and mercury. The toxins in his body were coming from Dr. Bennett when she was pregnant and when she nursed him. With her interventions, by the time Dr. Bennett’s son was 3 ½ years old, he was completely free of all allergies, including anaphylactic reactions. He is now 20 and doing well.

10:06 Why Do We Have So Many Allergies? Medical doctors consider allergies to be the IgE response, the immediate allergic reaction. Dr. Bennett says that we also have hidden allergies: headaches, gut issues, acid reflux, joint pain, sleep issues, insomnia, and anxiety. Often we receive allergens through pollution. Our lungs are a filtering mechanism, but it does not detox quickly. Glutathione, NAC, bamboo extract and vitamin A all help the lungs. Lung cancer is becoming more prevalent and in younger people. Mercury is one of the more difficult things to detox from the lungs. Forty percent of us have methylation defects that negatively impact our ability to detox metals.

13:20 Sweating as Detox: Your skin is your largest detox organ. It helps you to excrete toxins. You can not only sweat from a workout, but you can, as Dr. Bennett does, use an infrared sauna. Sweating is the fastest way to rid your body of heavy metals. Above 105 degrees, mercury is vaporized from your fat stores through your skin.

14:43 Prenatal Allergy Prevention: A natural vaginal delivery is where we get our native bioflora. The health of a mother’s gut and vaginal flora can be improved with consumption of fermented probiotic foods. If the vagina is unhealthy, due to yeast from perhaps antibiotic treatments, a baby can develop thrush.

16:33 Infant Allergy Prevention: Through breastfeeding, baby receives bioflora from mom’s skin microbiome. Not only does Dr. Bennet recommend NOT washing the breast before nursing, but she recommends placing a tiny amount of probiotics on the breast. Children, who are sick with allergies, will have a heightened reaction in an environment full of allergens like mold. Children, who are healthy, with good gut immunity, are better off living in an environment full of animals, dirt and eating veggies right out of the garden. For allergic children, we need to clean the environment to reduce inflammation. Once the inflammation is reduced and a good bioflora is established, they can be exposed. Biodiversity of the gut is very important.

19:40 Gut Health: Dr. Bennett has adult, child, infant and newborn patients who cannot have regular bowel movements.  She has stool testing, via the GI Effects Kit testing done on all of her allergy patients. It provides a view of digestive health. She finds parasites, dysbiosis, yeast and other issues.

24:04 Fermented Foods: Dr. Bennett is Korean and eats different kinds of homemade kimchi every day. She eats cabbage kimchi, mustard green kimchi, radish roots and tops, and cucumber kimchi. Kimchi has lots of ginger and garlic. Ginger helps to reduce inflammation and helps to stabilize blood sugar.

26:30 Making Kimchi: Dr. Bennett recommends watching YouTube videos by Maangchi to learn all the different styles of making kimchi.  She advises that you make your own, since store bought kimchi is often loaded with MSG, sodium and/or sugar.  Kimchi juice is full of probiotics.

31:54 Putting out the Fire in the Gut: All of Dr. Bennett’s allergy patients go on low inflammatory food diet. It is gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, and fungus free. Fungus can be on our vegetables, in grain, in all forms of cheese, and dried fruit. The fastest way to reduce allergies is to control what is going into your body. Removing alcohol, especially beer and wine, is important because it is a mycotoxin. Mycotoxins are toxins produced by fermentation. Eggs and peanuts are also inflammatory. Peanuts have mold. She also recommends avoiding cashews and pistachios. Usually her patients begin to reduce inflammation symptoms within 5 – 6 days. When you feed your body healthier foods, your microbiome, that extracts your minerals and nutrients from your food, will work better. A better food improves bacterial balance.

38:10 What is Wrong With Alcohol? The mycotoxins from the fermentation process of alcohol can trigger a histamine release. Many of us cannot break down the alcohol fast enough, so inflammatory reactions ensue. It affects the brain. Alcohol is broken down in your liver as phase one detoxification. It becomes acetaldehyde, which causes brain fog or depression. Some of us who do not drink have autointoxication or auto-brewery. When you eat too much sugar, yeast and moldy foods, it creates fermentation in your gut. You produce your own ethanol. Dr. Bennett recommends glucomannan powder. It is a soluble fiber from the konjac root to soak up carbohydrates, sugar, cholesterol, heavy metal toxicity or food poisoning.  It increases the digestive bulk so you can have great bowel movements. It may be similar to psyllium, but she finds psyllium to be inflammatory.

44:39 Swollen Belly Syndrome: Dr. Bennett learned of the Swollen Belly Syndrome from her parasitology classes. It is a parasitic condition of strongyloides overgrowth. Today’s swollen bellies in America have other causes. It is a functional digestive issue. Measure you waist to hip ratio. In the morning, after your bowel movement, you would measure at the belly button and measure at the hip, where your leg ends in your groin. The waist number is divided by hip number. A woman should be .8 or below. A man should be .9 or below. Probiotics, without FOS and inulin, and staying away from the FODMAP and other foods listed in her book, will begin to heal the gut and reduce the swollen belly. You need a good bowel movement at least once a day. In Chinese medicine, between the hours of 5 and 7 a.m. is when your large bowel is most active, so having a bowel movement between those times is optimal. Daily removal of toxins is very important. Mitochondrial growth will also reduce the swollen belly. Ten percent of our body mass is made of mitochondria. They are organelles that give us ATP and energy. They help burn fat with high intensity exercise. About 40 to 50% of our muscle mass is lost by the time we are 60 years old. The best way to reduce or prevent type 2 diabetes is to maintain your muscle, because your muscle is where your sugar goes. Building muscle involves not only activity, but eating protein and amino acids that help build muscle and maintain bone. Exercise to avoid sarcopenia.  The body is meant to move.

55:40 Dr. Bennett’s Morning Routine: As a way to increase longevity, use routines to create biological rhythm. She always goes to bed at a specific time and awakens at a specific time to ensure 8 hours of sleep. Upon awakening, she does her BBT, Body Balancing Technique. It combines Korean yoga and chi gong. She makes and drinks hot rooibos tea to stimulate the gut. She does not recommend cold shakes in the morning. She drinks her tea or hot water in a relaxed state. She also has a green drink and lots of supplements.

59:29 Dr. Bennett’s Favorite Supplement: Her favorite is pycnogenol. It is pine bark extract.  It is an anti-inflammatory for allergies, a super anti-oxidant, great for brain function, increases blood flow to the brain, and is a building block for collagen. It is also good for preventing deep vein thrombosis.

01:01:54 One Health Tip for Americans: Mercury and nuclear waste poisoning from Fukushima is a top health concern. She is generally seafood free because our waters are waters are contaminated with strontium 90, mercury, cesium 137, uranium, and iodine. She finds that patients she sees are experiencing nuclear toxicity. Mercury is the biggest problem for the world.


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  1. This info is life-changing. I used to take grapeseed extract years ago. This talk reminds me to take it again.

    • Hi Cecelia!
      Thank you so much for listening in and your feedback, really appreciate it! I love grapeseed extract as well as pycnogenol, I find that grapeseed extract is super for inflammation and as an antioxidant and Pycnogenol is the same but also really great for collagen and tissue healing.
      Dr. Susanne

  2. This was a wonderful interview full of helpful information. Dr Bennett is a amazing woman and a real inspiration. Thank you both!

    • Hi Doris,
      Really appreciate your comments– I am so happy to be able to serve you towards ultimate health and wellness! You deserve the best!
      To your vibrant health,
      Dr. Susanne

  3. Very energizing podcast! I absolutely loved her vitality and knowledge. However Mike I do believe she was talking about PYCNOGENOL, pine bark extract. She loved it as it is a great anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, great for allergies, excellent for brain function as it increases blood flow to the brain. A building block for collagen, a vasodilator, and for anyone with high blood pressure, it can help regulate that within a month of use (this last point is mine).

    • Hi Christine!
      First of all, thank you so much for the love!! And you are correct– one of my all time favs is pycnogenol. Although grapeseed extract is also a proanthocyanidin, and is often used as an alternative for the expensive pycnogenol, I find from clinically studying both products with my patients, that pycnogenol has an upper hand– particularly due to the CNS blood perfusion and optimal collagen formation. And I want both for sure! BTW- thank you so much for your input on the blood pressure stabilization, love it!
      Again, thank you so much for your feedback!
      Dr. Susanne

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