Ralph Esposito, ND: Low Testosterone, Why It’s So Common & Tips to Fix

by Mike Mutzel




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03:29 HPG axis = hypothalamic – pituitary – gonadal axis Most male hypogonadal conditions are because of a central or hypothalamic pituitary issue.

04:08 Taking testosterone for too long shuts down endogenous production.

04:34 Many doctors erroneously believe that testosterone causes heart disease, prostate cancer, kidney failure, or liver failure.

04:50 Many doctors will miss hypogonadism, low testosterone, because they follow the guidelines of the Endocrine Society.

06:45 Hypogonadism defined by the Endocrine Society: If free testosterone is below 4 nanograms per deciliter or lower than the total testosterone of 300 nanograms per deciliter AND also shows symptoms of low testosterone.

09:33 Environmental stressors are one of the biggest issues in low testosterone.

10:44 Cytochrome 1B1 is upregulated with BPA.

11:18 Dr. Esposito believes it is the beta and alpha metabolites of DHT that are causing problems.

13:18 Higher levels of breast cancer and prostate cancer in men are linked to 4 hydroxy metabolite. It is linked to breast cancer in women.

14:01 Testosterone is thought to cause prostate cancer.

16:22 Men who have low levels of free testosterone had more aggressive prostate cancer.

16:49 Most men will die with prostate cancer, not from prostate cancer.

17:07 A Gleason score will reflect whether the cancer has metastasized. Genetic testing will show if there are genetic mutations within the prostate tissue.

17:41 A 4KScore is the best PSA test. The results provide you with the percentage risk of it being an aggressive prostate cancer.

19:37 The Testosterone Saturation Theory is that above a certain testosterone level, prostate cancer does not increase in proliferation.

21:40 Testosterone levels are moderately average at 400 to 600.

22:17 Dr. Esposito believes that the androgen receptors are responsible for a wide range of testosterone levels at which men are asymptomatic.

22:20 CAG repeats of androgen receptors are the nucleotides that make up the testosterone receptors. The more CAG repeats, the more testosterone resistant. You need more testosterone to active the receptor.

25:14 Above one year of continuous use of testosterone cypionate (exogenous testosterone) you can shut down the HPG axis permanently. It can throw off the thyroid and adrenals as well.

29:22 Test for TSH, free T3, reverse T3, free T4, zinc RBC, selenium, and iodine (using the iodine urine load test).

30:40 The alpha pattern DHT is linked to male pattern baldness. It is tough to treat.

35:10 The most common cause of erectile dysfunction is high epinephrine and alcohol. Epinephrine and adrenaline shut down the parasympathetic system, where erections are made.

37:36 The penis is a barometer of a man’s health.

38:17 Fifty-six percent of men with erectile dysfunction also have diabetes.

40:25 Ashwaganda KSM-66 restores testosterone levels, sperm morphology, sperm motility and LH hormone in men.

41:48 DHEA and Tongkat Ali (eurycoma longifolia or aka long jack or LJ100) can support testosterone.

42:29 Tribulus has a great deal of conflicting research and may not significantly improve testosterone levels.

43:33 Sleep is one of the most important components in testosterone support.

52:02 Fasting can be a stressor on thyroid hormones, testosterone and androgens, increasing reverse T3, shutting down free T3 levels and increasing aromatase enzymes.