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#43: Stress, Diet, Toxicity and Immunity- the Fundamentals that can Revive Primary Care with James Maskell, CEO

by Mike Mutzel

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About James Maskell

James Maskell is Founder and CEO of Revive Primary Care, a business that makes it easy to attain and maintain health by combining a nationwide team of functional and integrative practitioners with a scalable, digital, education platform.

James is also the host of the Functional Forum, NYC's biggest monthly meetup for functional and integrative practitioners that you can stream live or recorded on his Youtube Channel.

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Show Notes


02:20 James’ Journey: James grew up with natural medicine. His parents were into nutrition. He turned away from it and became an investment banker. About 6 months in, he had a crisis of conscience. He had taken health economics at university. He needed to find a way to help America’s failing healthcare system. His cousin purchased a supplement company and James began working for him. He worked in their model clinic. He became more involved in the business. In 2009, he began attending functional medicine conferences. He wanted to take functional medicine to a much larger audience. It has evolved over the years and continue to develop.

07:05 Broken Medical Model: In the 1960s, we spent an average of $500 per person on healthcare. Now we spend about $8,000 per year on healthcare, but outcomes have not improved. America has lead the world in healthcare for the past 50 years. America’s disease management system has been copied around the world. Integrative medicine is a health creation mechanism. Health is not something that is done to you. The UK single payer program is out of money. The care for trauma and infections is applied to chronic disease and it doesn’t work. The combination of technology and functional medicine is a real way of creating health, empowering patients and having patients be the center of the medical system.

10:47 Move to Integrative Medicine: Integrative health information on the internet has a huge presence. You can go directly to source. There are amazing functional medicine writers and podcasters. It may be challenging to sway someone who is doing very well with the current medical model. People have a choice.

13:16 Evolution of Medicine Summit: Medicine is evolving in different ways. Medicine is evolving to our chronic disease environment. Functional medicine focuses on root cause resolution. Chronic disease is caused by different things in different people. The discovery of the microbiome was the impetus for James’ passion. How we developed with microbes was also a big part of the summit, as were evolutionary concepts in nutrition. The development of health technology enables people to quantify themselves.

21:56 Functional Forum: James does live workshops in NYC and broadcasts them to the world. It started as a meetup for functional medicine doctors in NY. It is on the first Wednesday of the month. They do presentations and interactive panel discussions using an online portal. One third of the content is focused on clinical, one third is focused on the practical model, and the last third is on technology. We need more innovation, so doctors need to also be entrepreneurs.

27:00 James’ Favorite Nutrient: The future of primary care medicine is delivering gut health.  Seavive and Seacure and the like, heal the lining of the gut and provide the body with the basic building blocks to rebuild the gut. It is a predigested concentrated fish protein. It was developed to give to malnourished children.

29:45 James’ Elevator Pitch: Gut health for primary care is most important. We could put “ologists” out of business if we could heal the integrity of the gut. Stress, diet, toxicity and immunity are the 4 major modifiable causes of chronic disease. Immunity is all about the gut. A national gut health push would do a great deal to improve health.