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Sachin Patel, DC

Discusses key books and business and mindset strategies that has helped him grow his practice and online presence



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Key Time Stamps:


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01:52 Motivation/Find the Why, yours and your patient’s.

04:09 Health is the Foundation of Your Life and the Ceiling for Your Life. As we raise our level of our health, opportunities and the things we can accomplish rise exponentially.

05:02 How You do Something, is How You do Everything. 

06:36 Your Health and Emotional Intelligence in Your Functional Medicine Business

10:47 Mindset/Subconscious Programming is the Ultimate Ceiling.

11:47 Get Comfortable with Making Money. It means that we are doing good work and helping more people.

15:08 Build Your Business Around Your Life and Core Values, instead of building a life around our business.

17:00 Scarcity Mindset: If we have a scarcity mindset about money, we create scarcity in every area of our life.

18:03 Simplify Your Life. Then Amplify Your Life.

20:56 Social Media Made Easy: Find and use your voice, your authentic voice to express your core values.

25:44 The Training Program: Dr. Patel gives practitioners all of the tools they need to be personally successful, get their message across more effectively and have the business systems necessary to become successful.



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